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As an IT Manager, you have an endless list of responsibilities that are driven by manual processes and ongoing security training requirements.

Wouldn't it be great if you could put some time back in your calendar to focus more on valuable projects to move your business forward while keeping security threats at bay?

Snap Tech IT’s Managed Detection and Response solution is uniquely blended to provide detection, protection, and response to your endpoints, servers, and networks. You can eliminate the need for ongoing training for your team and redirect precious time to focus on priorities for the IT department.

MDR in Action

In a real-world client scenario, Snap Tech IT’s CyberDefense MDR solution thwarted potential attacks, preserving the client’s financial & operational integrity. Here’s how:

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring detected a login on an IP address in one city
  • Just an hour later, the same login was detected in another city. There wasn’t enough time for the user to physically travel from the first city to the second city
  • Snap Tech IT Security Operations Center (SOC) alerted the client of the potential attack & requested that they change passwords immediately to prevent infiltration
  • Snap Tech IT MDR solution Detected the anatomy of the potential attack & enabled our Security Operations Center (SOC) to prevent similar threats in the future.

The security of your IT environment is worth it!

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