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CyberDefense-Assessment:Identify Your Exposure to Cybersecurity Threats

Awareness: Your First Line of Defense 

According to IBM, the average time it takes to identify and contain a breach is 280 days. Cloud-based enterprise software and data storage tools provide a gateway for cybercriminals to tunnel into your network.

Is your organization prepared with security solutions and best practices to protect against these cyber attacks? 

A critical step in defending your IT environment is to perform routine IT risk assessments.

You have the unique opportunity to leverage an invaluable assessment tool that uncovers areas of exposure in your processes that you can address today, before threats take hold of your network.

In the no-pressure assessment we will cover:

  • Risk assessment rating
  • Areas of your security plan that should be modified to avoid costly attacks
  • Specific recommendations for modifying your plan
  • Plan of action — you'll get a priority plan and next steps to take

Don't wait — be aware of your threats & schedule your assessment today!

Schedule a Cyberdefense Assessment with a Consultant

Awareness: Your First Line of Defense

Awareness: Your First Line of Defense